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Hello friend!  We are honored that you are here!  Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite tea, and let’s chat.  We want to tell you a little bit about why we started The Christ-Centered Home.

Jen and I have a lot in common. We are both members of the church,  stay-at-home moms, and work-from-home moms. We are blessed to work together on projects and love helping other women grow in business and learn how to work from home.  

We have both been in situations where we have talked to women who needed encouragement or edification from a sister-in-Christ.  We wanted to create a special place where we could do those things and more.

We wanted a place to share our faith and grow spiritually with other like-minded women.  We wanted to share applicable and relatable content of women living in the world but not being of the world.  We wanted something that covered many topics relating to the Christ-centered female. So, The Christ-Centered Home was born.

It was our vision to develop a site to present these topics to women in a lovely and beautiful way.  We know that sometimes life is wonderful, beautifully crazy, but also a little messy. We want to be there with you in the mess and in the beauty.  We want to cheer you on and be your support system!

We know that our content will be educational, inspirational, entertaining, and convicting.  Sometimes we will learn and grow together. Sometimes we will laugh together. Sometimes we may be rebuked so that we may stay on the faithful paths together.

We are so excited about this new website and celebrating the Christian woman from the teen to the grandmother and every woman in between! We hope to cover a wide range of topics for the woman living in today’s world.  We will cover topics from dating to homemaking, parenting, homeschooling, fashion, DIY projects, spiritual growth, marriage, and so much more!

We love being women! We are so thankful for the roles that God gave us in life.  We want to encourage all women to live a life pleasing to God, celebrate femininity, and live the life God has chosen for you!

You have a place at our table!  It is our sincere and authentic hope that as women we can support one another’s dreams and encourage one another to be the very best version of ourselves.  

Our mission statement at The Christ-Centered Home is “to grow spiritually, live faithfully, and find balance in every area of life”.   

We believe in the Love of God and His Plan of Salvation.  As we take on this journey we look forward to the many Bible study opportunities and opportunities within the church for starting conversations and spiritual growth!  

We look forward to getting to know you better, collaborating with you, and meeting many of you through events!  Please pray that we would be successful and be able to spread the love of Christ as He would have us to, to be ambassadors of Him and to connect with other like-minded women who care about home and hearth!

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  1. I am happy to see your site! I, too, love being a woman, and a wife and mother and grandmother. There is so much joy in being a godly woman and striving to please God by being a keeper at home and following His written Word. I love to encourage mothers and single ladies to embrace and enjoy being a woman for God. Thank you for venturing out and writing encouraging words. It is so needed in this harsh and ungodly world.

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