The Love of God | February Challenge

February is known around here as the month of love.  While we love one another 365 days a year, during the month of February my family looks for ways to serve others.  We try to do something special for each member of our family that shows them we love them instead of just telling them.  

For a few years now, we have mason jars with colored-coded popsicle sticks. Each stick has an idea or suggestion written on it. Over the years, this has been a great teaching tool for my kiddos. In the jars are also acts of kindness and love to exhibit to other people outside of our home. To show others (and ourselves) that we have been given a love so powerful, we need to share with others. 

That love is the love of our Creator.  He loves us in a way that isn’t even completely understandable by our earthly selves. This love is so much beyond the scope and breadth of our humanity— a God that loves us so much, He sent His only son.  Our Lord Jesus loves us so much that even though He prayed for the cup to be passed from Him, He still did the will of His Heavenly Father and took our place on the cruel cross of Calvary. 

So this month’s challenge is all about love. The word love is mentioned approximately 322 times in the New Testament.  Regarding love, I encourage you to read the book of 1 John as well. No greater love exists than that of our Heavenly Father.  Whenever you feel like you need to be reminded of the love God has for you, go to 1 John. Also do a deep study on love. We only have 29 suggestions below but there is so much more than that.  No greater love exists than that of our Heavenly Father.

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