Thanksgiving Mini Bible Verse Challenge 2020

Hello, friends!

As we prepare our Thanksgiving table this week, we want to welcome you to a seat at our table!  You are always welcome here!  We hope you will continue to join us on the blog, our Facebook page, our Instagram account and, if you are a homeschool mama, please follow our Homeschool Instagram as well.

If you missed the last blog post, please go back and read it here.  At the end we mentioned a mini-Thanksgiving Bible verse challenge.

One of my favorite verses is, “Enter his courts with Thanksgiving and his courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.” Psalm 100:4

As I finish this post, I am singing “He Has Made Me Glad”!  God is so good to us all the time and he has surely made me glad. 

We know that the week of Thanksgiving is a busy week so Jenn and I are planning some FREE and FUN resources for you and your family. 

The Bible verse challenges are never meant to replace your regular Bible study, but to give you encouragement as we meditate on God’s word together and find ways to commit His word to our memory.  One way that works for me is to write the verse of the day down on an index card and read it several times throughout the day. I file it in a box and reread all of my cards at the beginning of each day. 

You could also look up the verse of the day in the Strong’s concordance to get a better understanding of the meaning and usage of the verse.  This personally helps me apply the scripture to my life.

We will post a verse of thanksgiving and praise each day this week, starting today. 

We are anxious to hear how you are meditating on these verses. It is a great source of encouragement and edification to so many women.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving friends! 

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