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Can we talk for just a moment? I know this week is full of to-do list errands, a lot of great smelling cooking, cleaning and chores, but I just wanted to take a moment out of your busy schedule and say thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following along with us here on the blog. We get so encouraged by all of the Facebook posts, comments, and wonderful feedback from ladies like you all over the country.

No matter what season of life you are in, no matter where you live, no matter what your background is, and no matter how different we may be— we have united over the common goal to have a Christ-entered life and a Christ-centered home!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to share this blog with you. What started out as a dream or idea to encourage others has greatly encouraged us! We have the most wonderful contributors and ladies on our team who are not selfish but are selfless and believe that everyone has a place at our table! As women, we can teach, edify, and encourage one another, and we really appreciate that there are so many things that we can do as women. We cannot say thank you enough for coming along with us in this journey!

You guys have blown us away by your responses to the November Attitude of Gratitude challenge!  We enjoy seeing all of your posts as you study the verses, your thoughts, and how you are applying the challenge to your lives. You continue to encourage us greatly! By sharing the challenge posts, other women see it. Some haven’t been taught about Jesus and his selfless sacrifice on the cruel cross at Calvary; others may be weak spiritually and are encouraged. Thank you for sharing!

Jennifer and I want to encourage you ladies to live your best Christ-centered life.  We want to encourage you to love, study, edify, and be thankful always! We hope you will continue to enjoy and come along beside us on our journey as we have encouraging blog posts, social media challenges (coming up is a challenge on joy and prayer), and continue to support one another. 

We know that the holidays are hard for some, and we know that it can be crazy and chaotic as well.  We want you to know that we are praying for you and truly want you to have peace and comfort!

So as you have a lot of duties: mommy-ing, cooking, cleaning, etc. to do this week, remember to take a small amount of time to reflect on the goodness of the Gospel. In Him we have abundantly more than we deserve.  Consider listening to a spiritual podcast while you are doing your cleaning or cooking, to help you calm yourself as you prepare for this week. I listen here ( as I am doing my cleaning, and it makes me joyful and helps my chores go by so much quicker.  It reminds me to be thankful for His goodness! 

By staying grounded in the Word, praying and studying, we can get through anything— including this holiday season with all of the good and the crazy that comes along with it. So dear ladies, we are thankful for you always and always praying that you are blessed!

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