Team-Sport Christianity

We all love to win. Whether it’s watching and rooting for our favorite sports team or watching someone like James Holzauer blow out all the records on Jeopardy– we love a winner and we love to win! 

Our church family is a team and the great thing about being a Christian is that we know that in the end we win! Jesus has already scored the winning points by overcoming death and crushing Satan’s head. (Genesis 3:15, I Corinthians 15:24-26). We have been adopted into the family of God (Romans 8:14-16), and as Christians, we are members of the winning team. 

But, being a part of the winning team doesn’t mean we get a free pass to do nothing. Life is not a spectator sport, and we can’t just sit on the sidelines. Every member has a role! Everybody matters. We must participate and remember that nothing we do as a member of this team is too small or insignificant. 

For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.” -Romans 12:4-5

Even players who aren’t in the final line-up for that day’s game practice and participate in one way or another. We can’t all be the eyes, or the hands, or the feet (I Corinthians 12:12-27)– sometimes we’re the liver or the stomach, or even a kidney! Can we say these parts of the body don’t serve a needed function? Not at all! They are extremely vital, working behind the scenes on very important work. 

As members of this winning team, we must remember that this team needs you! We need to use our gifts and talents to help others towards the goal of heaven. God has given everyone abilities, but it is up to us to discover, grow, and use those abilities. Are you an encourager? Then encourage– write cards, send texts, say it in person. Are you fervent in your prayers? Then pray, and let people know that you are praying for them. Teach children or ladies classes, mentor the young, support the needy, wash up after a fellowship meal, offer to cut out or color visual aids for the Bible class teachers– do your part for the team! Everyone has a different talent and function– not inferior talents, but different. We can’t hide our own talents because they’re not as good (in our opinion) as someone else’s, and we also can’t attempt to cover someone else up because they’re not what we think they should be.

“The eye cannot say to the hand “I have no need of you”; nor again the head to the feet, “I have no need of you.” …But that the members should have the same care for one another.”  –I Corinthians 12:12 & 25

Talents take time to develop and grow. They take exercise and work! As a team player we need to encourage one another in those talents we possess– offer help if needed! 

For just about 100 years, winning teams have gone to visit the president of the United States in the White House. This is a huge honor, and they are often treated to a meal and photo opportunity. It’s a time for that winning team to discuss the championship game or their winning season. This is a memory I’m sure those who have visited will never forget. As a member of a winning team, our prize is going to an eternal home far more magnificent than the White House (Revelation 21:10-22:5). I want to be there, and I want my team there with me as well where we will celebrate in worship to God for all eternity. 

Never forget:

As a Christian, our team wins.

As a member of this team, we must participate.

Lastly, this team needs YOU!

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