Every homeschool mom should try COCHE

Hey homeschooling mama!  Today we are going to talk about homeschooling and taking care of your homeschooling heart.  One way to do that is attending a homeschooling retreat especially designed for Christian homeschooling mamas.

While I love all things homeschooling, including planning for the new year, the smell of new Sharpie pens (weird), and buying new notebooks, my new favorite homeschooling activity has to be the COCHE retreat! 

While attending a homeschool fair to learn about new and different curricula and what’s going on in the homeschool world is definitely high up on my list of things I love to do, I never knew how much I needed nourishment for my homeschooling heart until I gave it a try.

A retreat is inspirational, encouraging, and edifying for your homeschooling heart! Sure, you get the curriculum details and how to’s, but you get the revitalization and encouragement for you, the home educator!

The retreat I attended last year was called COCHE and is located in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky. I think any time you try anything new to you, you are excited and a little nervous or apprehensive.  I couldn’t believe I had taken a few days away from my family to meet up with my bestie (Jenn) to talk about all things homeschooling.  Who was I?  

Although I had so much invisible baggage from hardships going on in our lives with sick and elderly family members and other things, I was determined to carve out some time just for me. My husband was completely supportive and encouraged me to go and spend some time with my sisters in Christ and enjoy myself.  I just didn’t know if I could with everything going on in our world.  

COCHE, which stands for Church of Christ Home Educators, was started by Vicky Yocum approximately five years ago.  Vicky, her husband Keith, and their two children, Samuel and Grace, live in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Vicky states, “I began COCHE, because after a couple years of attending PTP, I realized how much I needed the homeschool mom classes and being with like-minded moms.  I had plenty of experience with Ladies Retreats.  I saw others attend marriage retreats, preachers’ wives retreats, family retreats, etc.  But, I didn’t know of anyone doing a retreat for moms in the church who homeschool.  

Big homeschool conventions were great, but I was always sifting through things I didn’t agree with doctrinally. So, I wanted to create a place for moms to be together to discuss homeschool issues, draw from each others’ expertise, and have strong scriptural examples and support. 

Family camps are nice, but I wanted a space where moms could be sisters— just sisters, not carrying the load of mothering for the weekend, which is why I’m strict about the no kids rule unless you are nursing.” 

My husband and friends were right about COCHE!  I did need this!  It was so great and I really enjoyed my time at COCHE.  

The amount of knowledge that you walk away with after attending the COCHE retreat is invaluable.  You will not only have so many resources at your fingertips but an army of like-minded women and sisters in Christ cheering you on.  That’s priceless! 

If you have ever needed a how-to on homeschool records, transcripts, preparation for college admissions, OR needed to know how much time you should spend on math per day with your first grader and how to help your second grader become a stronger reader— you are at the right place!

But wait, friends…there is so much more!! Not only do the fabulous speakers at this event speak on all things homeschool…they speak on all things HOME.  After all, isn’t it a  big part of HOMEschool— home and hearth? 

While at COCHE, you will listen to wonderful speakers who touch on topics such as marriage, personal and self care, homekeeping and so much more.  Afterall, homeschooling is just one, albeit important, aspect of our lives.  WE ARE SO MUCH MORE!  

I absolutely loved my time at COCHE last year.  It was my first COCHE, and I look forward to many more.  Vicky was a kind, gracious, and wonderful host.  I met so many wonderful ladies.  

I encourage you to visit the COCHE website, and look at all the wonderful activities and sessions you get to attend at COCHE, as well as all of the resources you will receive.  We all need encouragement, friends, and someone cheering us on.  It’s not always going to be our family and closest friends.  I think ladies who homeschool know that better than anyone sometimes.  So, find your tribe and find it at COCHE!  

We are so THANKFUL for Vicky and the good work she does with COCHE and the blessing to homeschool our children in this great nation.  As we approach Thanksgiving, it is our prayer that we remember to pray that we continue to have this blessing and freedom to homeschool our children.

We want to invite you all to join us in a special THANKSGIVING mini-challenge where we will meditate on giving Thanksgiving to God for all of His goodness.  We have such a grateful heart for all He has done for us.  God is so good, all the time!

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  1. This would be a dream-come-true to attend! What a blessing! Maybe someday, I can journey down from Alaska to meet with you all. ❤️

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