Being Joyful Challenge | December 2019

Ladies, can you believe it is already December?!  It seems like yesterday I was setting goals for the new year. Time is absolutely a thief as I reflect how fast the last twelve months have flown by.  

As time continues to fly, I am reminded to be thankful in all things.  I am sure you agree that our heavenly father is so good to us always and in all things.

As we get ready to head into the Christmas season, we wanted to do a BIble verse challenge on Joy.  We know that there are many Holiday/Seasonal challenges out there. Ours may look a little different.  We are not focusing so much on Christmas or the Holiday but rather we want to meditate on being joyful and applying that to our lives–no matter what month of the year it is.  

Sometimes joy is elusive.  Sometimes it is hard to be joyous. We know that the holiday season is anything but joyful for some.  However, during the month of December we want to focus on joy and encourage one another to be joyful everyday.  By following along with us on this journey, your posts and comments will help to brighten, enlighten and encourage other women who may be struggling this season.

Sometimes, when life seems anything but joyful, meditating on God’s word can help our mindset and attitude.

Just like practicing to be a better softball player, a better chef or or experienced artist–we must practice and apply verses to our lives.  We can’t do that if we don’t know them. Seeing how other women apply these verses to their lives is especially encouraging.

So dear friends, as you follow along with us on this challenge, remember that as we commit these verses to memory and meditate on them out through the day, pray that God would help us to apply these verses to our life.  I pray that each and everyone of us would help just one or two women see that true Joy comes to us through Him and that somehow we can influence them by our actions to live a positive and joy-filled life.  

We are so encouraged by your sharing and posting. We have learned things from you that maybe we didn’t know before.  I am going to personally work on being a more joyful person and I look forward to seeing how you are applying this challenge to your life as well! 

Printable version can be found here.

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