Attitude of Gratitude Challenge | November 2019

Hey Sisters!  This is a quick post today.  Another Mama Minute. I’m in that season of life right now between aging parents and kiddos at home and everything needs to be quick for me.  Please forgive me as I don’t seem to be as present. I have so much going on. As I write this, my mother has just been admitted to the hospital for pneumonia and I just found out that a friend’s child has taken their own life.  

Sometimes in the busyness of life and the sad things that go on this side of heaven we forget to have an attitude of gratitude. I want to be intentional like Daniel and purpose in my heart to study more about thankfulness this month.  Even during the times I don’t feel like praising Him, I need to do it anyway. I need to be so thankful and remember that Jesus died on that cruel cross at Calvary for me and he is worthy to be praised. I need to remember that every good thing is from Him.  I need to enter his courts with thanksgiving in my heart. I need to continually pray and seek Him first.

I have seen people do Thankfulness posts on social media and I think that is wonderful!  I talked with Jenn about creating this challenge so that I could hide these verses away in my heart.  That is what this challenge is about–to take a few moments of our day to study, pray and apply these verses of thanksgiving.  This study is not meant to replace a study that you are already doing, but to enhance your study, prayer or Bible memorization work you have now.  I hope you can find this study useful and applicable to your daily life! 

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